Friday, November 07, 2008

Buzzy Anesti! Malista Anesti!*

You may have noticed a certain silence on the Buzzy front recently since we broke down last September near Aachen... well...

Buzzy has ARISEN!!

This is where he has been recuperating this last year having had a motor transplant and exhaust pipe implant.

But finally on Wednesday it was time for him to get back to work.

One sort of 'drawback' about living in Deepest Bavaria is that the authorities get concerned from time to time with the environment (normally when they think they can make money on the deal). The latest fad is with what they call over here Feinstaub which translates as 'particulate matter' and so from next year if I want to drive into the centre of Munich - where I happen to live - I will need a sticker to show that Buzzy is not a Feinstaub criminal.

Now keep an open mind when you watch this and tell me honestly how could anyone think that Buzzy could be a danger to the environment...

*The title is in Modern Greek and an adaptation of what people say to each other at Easter, 'Christos anesti! Malista anesti!" It means 'Buzzy has arisen! Indeed he has arisen!'

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Birthday on Guy Fawkes' Day...

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...and so my mother said there would never be an excuse to forget her birthday!

We will be drinking a gin&tonic (or 10) to her memory later on.