Monday, April 03, 2017

Too late . . .

With a truly heavy heart I have to sit down and write my tribute to Bernie Bigler . . . it’s been hard to take it in that he is gone.

I’ve know him for over 10 years. We spent many hours together playing, travelling and talking and what I loved most about him was his love of music and harmony; how music fits together and how it works.

Bernie had a great sense of humour, he was outgoing, always interested in others, he was considerate and caring and, something which is very rare, he was able to listen. I guess that’s connected with his musicality.

He was such an easy person to be with. Just last year we had a fondue together at ours. My kids were telling him he’s like a member of the family, calling him ‘Uncle Bernie’. I think he was pleased about that.    

We had planned to do some recording for my album in the New Year. There’s a song of mine I really wanted Bernie to play the flute on. I knew he would have just the right sensibility for it. We said, ‘ok, we’ll do it after Christmas . . .’

I find it somewhat shocking that the song is called, ‘Before It’s Too Late’. Now, sadly, Bernie’s flute will never grace it.