Friday, February 24, 2017

Piano session . . .

NewTones Studios was on the road this week. This was session to record piano tracks for the song 'Before It's Too Late', which will feature on the - as yet unnamed - album.

As you can see, it was a hard, hard session. Proof that musicians don't just sit around drinking coffee and cognac and eating doughnuts all day...oh wait . . .

My thanks go to Renate Dienersberger for really hitting the perfect note (and notes) for the piano parts on the song.

It's fascinating to hear the music develop bit by bit.

For the next blog I will do a video on how you build up the tracks to make a complete 'sound'...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

For example . . .

There should have been a recording session today with my long-time musical collaborator, and highly talented pianist, Renate Dienersberger, but I had to postpone it due to unexpected work commitments.

We would have recorded piano tracks for the song 'Before It's Too Late', which will be on the album.

To give you an idea of what it sounds like when we play together, here's a video of 'Brooklyn' - a song by Steely Dan.

There are two acoustic guitars, one on the left and one on the right which provide the rhythm and a basic bass line. The piano is spread behind the lead vocal and I did some multi-layered background vocals which permeate most of the recording.

I spent quite a long time (hours and hours - in the studio 'long time' really means 'l o n g   t i m e'!!) mixing this and when I was done I saved it to my DropBox folder - however I forgot that these files are really big and switched off the laptop before the upload was done...and when I opened it the next day it was GONE!!! Horror of horrors!! 😱

Fortunately - and this is the point I wanted to make: ALWAYS make backups!!! - I had saved the mix as a WAV and that is what you listened to up there (actually it's an mp3 made from the wav).

Phew!! 😥

Thursday, February 09, 2017

So, how do you make an album . . ?

Yeah, good question.

First you have to write songs. I wrote my first song when I was about 15. And it was a big surprise. Up until then I had firmly believed that it was IMPOSSIBLE to write a song - I know there was a lot of evidence around me which should have proved to me that people could indeed write songs, but I considered it simply IMPOSSIBLE!

So, suddenly, somehow, I had written a song. And this simple fact that it was actually possible to write songs, disproving as it did that my previously held belief that songwriting was IMPOSSIBLE, was a great help to me for future songwriting.

For this album, I plan to go through old material and choose around 10 songs which have been knocking on the door for years to be finished. Some of them are featured on my solo album in a basic version, some you can hear on my YouTube page and some will be new to you.

I would like to go through the process of creating the recording here with sound tracks, photos and videos - still have to work out how to do all that 😉 - and I thought maybe the best way is to take one song as an example. The one I am working on right now is 'Low Ground' which I wrote so, SO long ago, and it also turned out to be my first ever experience in a recording studio (in Liverpool) back in the 70s (the NINETEEN 70s). It was truly a mind-blowing, life-changing feeling to emerge from a studio with a proper recorded!!

Ok, so 'Low Ground' - what's next? Record it!

I use Audacity, in the NewTones Studio, which is an open-source recording software. It's free and it's really good! The main thing you need to do is spend hours and hours using it to get to know what you can do. I'd say I have a fair idea now how to use it.

Normally the first thing you want is a click track. For Low Ground I actually had an idea for a basic drum track.

And here is is, the very basic drum track (15 seconds of it). I'll be working on that for a while. In the meantime, I will also have to work out what comes when, intro, verse, chorus, solo, outro, etc . . . that's it for now!

Saturday, February 04, 2017

New Album News

After years of wondering which studio to record my songs in and who to do them with and wondering how to pay for it all and waiting for the perfect moment and procrastinating and going round in further circles, I have finally reached the point where I have decided to do it myself, NOW!
The plan is to make one new album with my own songs and possibly a second album with cover versions of some of the songs I love.
NewTones Studio
The songs will be recorded mainly at NewTones Studio. As there is no way I can make perfectly polished professional studio recordings, there will be some rough edges but I hope to end up with music which has an intimate and human feel to it.

I also hope to feature on the various tracks some of the brilliant musicians I have worked with over the years and, of course, the fabulous NewTones.
The other aspect of this project, which for me is completely new, will be to share the process here and on my FaceBook page: I will be posting news, photos of sessions and video clips as the project goes on...

I hope we all enjoy the experience!