Saturday, February 04, 2017

New Album News

After years of wondering which studio to record my songs in and who to do them with and wondering how to pay for it all and waiting for the perfect moment and procrastinating and going round in further circles, I have finally reached the point where I have decided to do it myself, NOW!
The plan is to make one new album with my own songs and possibly a second album with cover versions of some of the songs I love.
NewTones Studio
The songs will be recorded mainly at NewTones Studio. As there is no way I can make perfectly polished professional studio recordings, there will be some rough edges but I hope to end up with music which has an intimate and human feel to it.

I also hope to feature on the various tracks some of the brilliant musicians I have worked with over the years and, of course, the fabulous NewTones.
The other aspect of this project, which for me is completely new, will be to share the process here and on my FaceBook page: I will be posting news, photos of sessions and video clips as the project goes on...

I hope we all enjoy the experience!


Renate Linder said...

Great idea, Phil :-)! And great pic - obviously a very creative place!!

neutron said...

Thanks! Creative chaos, maybe?