Thursday, April 07, 2005

Adding Ads

Well, I used to work in advertising didn't I?? All those years ago back in London, scheduling the day's advertising for Scottish Television. It was a little world of its own, with its own language and secrets...avoiding three-in-a-rows, clashes, products in unsuitable slots, giving advertisers extra value for money - the guys who ran the Locktite campaign always tried to sneak the spots into the middle of the wrestling - it was a right royal pain in the arse... but it made watching the adverts on TV fascinating - we in the know would ooh and ahh as we saw what our colleagues at ATV or Granada had cocked up!!
Singapore Airlines always advertised in the centre break in "News At Ten" - and there was a total panic the night ITN had a story on the news at about 10.10, just before that very break, about a Singapore Airlines plane crashing!!
We got a frantic call from the department manager, "GET THAT SPOT OUT OF THE BREAK!!"

I loved the adverts as a kid on our tiny prehistoric steam-powered tele; if my memory serves me correctly - which it quite possibly doesn't - the ITV used to show a half hour of adverts in the morning...and then . . nothing! Tele used to start at..erm, four in the afternoon and before that there was . . nothing! Not a sausage...just a test card, if you were lucky or normally . . nothing. Come to think of it the test card was pretty exciting. Tele programmes also used to stop at night too! There really used to be a voice that said..."well, that's all for this evening - all of us here at Television Centre wish you a very pleasant night". And then...clunk - zap!! OFF . . nothing - again.
But those adverts in the!! Persil washing whiter, Double Diamond working wonders, Bovril doing something unspeakable to your intestines and Andrews Liver Salts fizzing away, bringing relief from the hangovers everyone must have suffered from in those days of chemical beer.

And so being a lover of adverts I couldn't resist letting Google put some on this page...they are supposed to be relevant to whatever I am blogging see, they have something called a crawler - which fits in pretty well with my memories of the advertising industry in London - and it checks out the articles and chooses suitable products! Well...all I can say is, "good luck, mate!"

Feel free to click on the little buggers - apparently I will receive some princely sum every time one of you goes and looks at one of the incredibly relevant products which the crawler picks out!

I can't bloody wait!!

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