Friday, September 09, 2005

"...On Our Way 'Ome...On Our Way 'Ome..."

Does anyone remember Robert the Robot in Fireball XL5 who used to come out with that phrase when they were on their way 'ome after another safely concluded mission? No?

What me? Rambling...?

Well, our Odyssey begins tomorrow...The Journey Back To Munich...featuring the perils of the English motorways...the hazards of remembering that in the rest of Europe they drive on the wrong side...the acute danger of forgetting that in England if someone flashes their headlights behind you it means, "please go out in front of me" but in Germany it means, "gett out of ze fackink vay! Und's war SCHNELL!!!"...the drooping eyelids, the stiff back, the aching accelerator foot.

On the way we pass by Birmingham, London, Dover, Calais, Lille, Mons, Liege, Cologne, Frankfurt, Nuremburg (hopefully in that order) without ever venturing inside those is a bit weird this motorway travel really. It's a bit like the sailors of old who travelled to all kinds of exotic countries around the world but only ever got as far as the first bar on the dock road.

Anyway, I will be back to normal service by Sunday I suppose...I might even report on the trip.

So until then keep off the roads...


doris said...

I hope the trip went well and that once you have recovered you will say more about those photographs!

Karen said...

Flashing your lights at someone in front of you on german Autobahns has been "verboten" for quite a number of years now and carries a heavy penalty for "Nötigung" if you're caught.
Have a safe trip.

Neutron said...

Hi Doris - I am back! As for the photos...all will be revealed...soon...!! I am waiting for a few more visitors to guess (wildly optimistic fool that I am)

Hi Karen...I know it is illegal but it still happens alarmingly often...especially when I am driving my camping bus!