Monday, December 05, 2005

Can't Help Being Clever... what my mother would have said about my youngest, William. He has got one of his pictures hanging in the Einstein exhibition at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. We went to see it yesterday - the exhibition itself is very well done with all those exhibits that you just don't have the time or energy to read or look at or examine or learn from.

William's picture was a portrait of Einstein done in pencil and there is definitely a touch of the thin line between genius and madness in his portrayal. There were a few other pictures done by kids from his school and other grammar schools in Munich...some of them featuring Einstein as a super hero, others concentrating on the atomic bomb which his theories helped to create. It always struck me as ironic that such crowning intellectual achievements as the special and general theories of relativity should be put under a veritable cloud...a mushroom cloud only forty years later and be forever linked to the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki...that's humans for you.

Anyway, my mother would also have said, "another artist in the family" - so far we have Katherine who is studying art and Jimmy who is on the way to being a bassist, he's in a band already and will be performing with the school big band at Xmas, and then there's Nicky who is an artist of life...

It's great...I love it...

...but I wouldn't have minded if one of them had been interested in fixing cars!

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Athene Aquinas said...

Wie Schauts?

I'm also in Munich... just oticed that and thought I'd say Hallo. Gruß Gott!