Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Reunification Day

The move went ok... apart from a few minor details: like my fully-laden bus breaking down...

But you can say what you like, our Buzzy is a fine and noble bus. He always manages to get us home or failing that to make sure that any breakdown happens in a not too inconvenient location. This was a case in point. We had just loaded as much of Nicky's stuff as we could jam in and were setting off for her new place. Before we had even covered the first 100 yards and left the estate he was making warning noises, strange grinding banging sounds which I had never heard before.

Knowing Buzzy, I interpreted this as him saying to me:
"look, pal - I know Nicky is moving and it's important and all that but I have a problem here and before we set off and then break down in the middle of the frantic afternoon traffic right near where the Oktoberfest in being held with a bus full to the top of furniture and bags and so on, it might be better to turn back and think of getting a different vehicle on the job..."

So we did turn back and after some hectic phone calls managed to find a company nearby where we could rent a van for 3 hours. So we went and picked it up, came back, transferred the furniture etc and set off again. This time it was all ok, except for the mad traffic, and Nick was quickly installed in her new place.

Then that strange phase started where Nicky was then "home" and we (her mother, sister, brother and myself) were standing around looking awkward and out of place; feeling that we should leave but not knowing how to...

We were sort of saved in the end by having to go to get the van back in time. So off we went...

I just realised that I actually asked her where she was going to sleep yesterday evening! What a stoopid question... (I will let you think about the psychological background implications!!)

"Here..." she said.

So we took the van back and then returned to find a forlorn Buzzy. He's getting towed to the garage shortly, I think to have a reunification of clutch and engine.

Ho hum².


Anonymous said...

Daughter and bus all on the same day, I do feel for you.

Dom was very considerate, she made it perfectly clear, two days before she left that she had 'things to do' so there would be not hanging around. Does your house feel empty?

Neutron said...

...hi Anji! Well, Nicky was the first of four so there is still plenty going on!
How about your place?

Anonymous said...

Down to the last one.
The eldest went to live with his Grandma in England 3 years ago. I haven't seen him for 18 months. I can't wait for Christmas!