Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fog... Freezing Fog

Fog is causing havoc at Heathrow airport at the moment - perhaps you wonder why I, here in deepest Bavaria, should care a hoot about that? Well, Biddy's flight from Bombay/Mumbai leaves this evening and arrives at Heathrow tomorrow morning... and then they have to fly on from Heathrow to Munich... hours and hours of flying and hanging around even if there are NO delays.

I used to like foggy days in Liverpool as a kid... it was great going to school in the morning and being able to imagine that the place had disappeared completely - there was just a gap where the school should be... until you got close enough to see that there was unfortunately a grey wraith-like school-shaped mass...

But this fog, this freezing and aeroplane hindering fog I do not like! Quite frankly it can fog off!

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