Friday, June 01, 2007


I have problems with it; three main problems ...

The first is going to it,

the second is staying in it ,

and the third - which, incidently, I am dealing with now - is emerging from it.

Of the three, the worst is the first.

This image of "the going to sleep process" occurred to me last night. Somewhere near the bed there is a continuously moving cable, like in a mine underground, and this cable travels off towards Sleepy Oblivion and all you have to do when you lie down is hang your consciousness onto it and - whoosh - off you go into dreamy slumber.

I can be as tired as you want: droopy-eyed tired; nodding-off-and-waking-with-a-start tired; weary-achy-limbs-of-lead tired, but the moment I get into bed I wake up and I thrash about in vain looking for that cable to hook my consciousness onto.

The only way is to read - read a book until I start to dream a sentence or two at which point I normally drop the book because I am dropping off. Then, if I am lucky and my timing is dead on, I can lie down without emerging too far from this incipient nod-offiness and hook my consciousness onto the cable... and ... zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

That's if I'm lucky; if not it takes another 15/20 minutes of further reading till I can try again.

Last night it was the third attempt I think ... but then having read what I had read and then having proceeded to integrate what I had read into a dream...and then let the dream take some nasty, nasty turns and make some nasty, nasty developments ... I woke myself up!

Finally, it took till about 5 to get all drowsy again and that was an hour or so before the alarm WOKE ME ... and left me with problem 3 ... emerging.

Now, 2 coffees later, I only feel bleary-eyed and brain-dead - so it seemed the perfect time to blog!


Anji said...

I think that the secret is not to read anything too exciting before dropping off. I have twitchy legs, wish I could take them off sometimes, perhaps send them off on the cable until morning...

spooky said...

Sleep hygene, that's what you need look it up on the web!

Doris said...

Halllooooo! Good to see you still going strong, that is apart from the sleep. It wouldn't comfort you to know that I can get to sleep in 60 seconds but then have very dramatic dreams so that I wake tired. Yup, sleep hygeine is what it is about and I guess I must be a dirty bugger!

You know I was Grans on Bran but re-branded to Doris Mash ..... I'm back! and am tickled to see you have kept me on your blog roll. Awww!

Neutron said...

Thanks for the tips, y'all.

So, no thrillers (books at least) and sleep hygiene...ok..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz