Saturday, May 16, 2009

Odysseus Becalmed

It has been rumoured, not without just cause, that, like Odysseus on his way home from Troy, I have been becalmed. And indeed, 'tis true!

I have been drifting aimlessly in the bloggy doldrums, the sea gurgling idly around my soggy timbers and slapping gently against my bows, here in the midst of the Sea of Apathy.

But now I sense the faint stirring of a breeze somewhere off over the horizon, the slightest ripple of the sails...could it be that my journey recommences at last...?


jay said...

Oh, hey - you still here? Oh, good! Now, get writing! ;)

Anji said...

Welcome back

Neutron said...

Showing your true colours there jay!

Thanks for the welcomes! Much appreciated.

MacDuff said...

might just be a bit of wind?