Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I have mentioned elsewhere (here and here) that I don't do New Year's Resolutions as a result of being far too irresolute but this could almost be regarded as resolutionary. I ordered this sort of desk-chest-of-drawers thing hoping that it would help me reduce the chaos which is my 'office'. It came just before Xmas and I was going to enlist Biddy to help me assemble it, knowing that her calm patience would be needed as normally putting these things together drives me bonkers.

Unfortunately, this was not to be, mainly because I completely forgot about it all over the holidays.

They look so neat and tidy in the box, these things ... but then you slit open the flap and out comes ... chaos. This is the part I hate - all these bits of wood and packaging and screws and strange plastic nobbly things strewn around in irreducible complexity and a page or two of badly printed instructions which seem to bear no relation to the contents of the box. At this point I get a hopeless sinking feeling in my stomach and usually go and make coffee or get a beer, depending on the time of day, with images in my head of Homer Simpson building his Bar-B-Q.

However, this was not an IKEA chaos (I ordered the 'thing' from the very prompt and reliable Office Discount who deliver the next day and give you four weeks to pay and don't even get nasty when you forget to pay which I invariably do). So without too much shouting and swearing, assembling and disassembling because the bits are back to front, futile searching for missing screws and shouting and swearing, I ended up with this! Order from chaos.

Now I just have to decide which pieces of chaos to fill the drawers with...

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Anji said...

Nice place for keeping a cup.

"Now I just have to decide which pieces of chaos to fill the drawers with..." they do open and close, don't they?

Only teasing.

Anji said...

It appears that my cousin has been chez toi, or sort of: