Tuesday, March 30, 2010


You know how there are some mornings when you are glad to hear the alarm go off so that you can finally stop your desperate attempts to get to sleep...?

Do the birds of the air have the same problems sleeping? Do they tuck their heads under their wings and then metaphorically toss and turn all night, wondering where the next worm is going to come from?

When rosy-fingered dawn stains the eastern sky do they think, "oh bugger, more bloody tweeting - bloody dawn chorus..."?

Ho hum.


Anji said...

The alarm usually manages to go off just as I get to sleep on nights like that.

I don't mind the dawn chorus at all. I just wonder how they decide who is the first one every morning.

Neutron said...

Don't mind the dawn chorus either as long as I'm on my way home when I hear it!