Monday, February 06, 2006

Loony Toons...Errrr...What's Up, Mo?

I have a slight problem getting my head around what is going on in the Middle East at the moment. They are burning embassies and flags and demanding apologies from the European Community because a newspaper printed some cartoons...erm, sorry?

I mean how many of these demonstrators have even seen the cartoons? I have had a hard enough job digging up a site on the web where I could have a look - here you go....have a visit and scroll down a bit you will get to some of the cartoons in question:

As I have already pointed out in my post about the "Happy Holiday Season" time just before Christmas (ooops, I said Christmas...ooooops..I said it again...) I believe in tolerance for other peoples' views (as long as we can agree to avoid blind fanaticism).

You believe what you believe and I will believe what I probs, and if you want to celebrate my public holidays then go ahead...and I might just celebrate yours.

You have a taboo? You don't eat meat on Friday...ok, don't eat it! You don't eat pork? Fine, think of all those happy pigs...

I have a couple of taboos too. One of them is not murdering people who disagree with me...fair enough...isn't it?

I know, or at least I believe and fervently hope that the vast majority of people, Christians, Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Atheists and whatever else there might be really would just like to live in peace with each other.

But right now maybe the peaceful followers of Islam could do with getting up and condemming these intolerant lunatics in their own midst before they blame the West, the North or the South and maybe they should just take a few steps back and look at themselves...or is that also a taboo?

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