Monday, February 06, 2006

Visions of Munich

It occurred to me yesterday that a lot of the photos I have put in this blog have been of places I have visited or maybe want to visit but that I have never posted a photo of here...where I live...Munich!

It is often the way though; you live in a place and forget that it is also somewhere where visitors come to see things, look around museums, admire the architecture etc etc.
When I lived in
London we never went to see St Paul's for example...we just didn't have time for that; and when I lived in Greece I hardly went to any of the tourist attractions.
It is only since I have left both places that I have been to visit and done the sights.

Or maybe I am just incorrigibly lazy??!! Hmm...could be...

Anyway here are a couple of views of where I live:

On a different subject, my intention to review a book from my bookshelves every Friday bit the dust extremely quickly! However...I HAVE to recommend the book I am reading (again) at the moment:

'How The Mind Works' by Steven Pinker.

Brilliant book.

And just to end on here is a Beano-style joke William and I made up;

'Where do WeightWatchers have their main office?'

'In Hungary!'

Boom boom

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