Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Comeback...

You know how sometimes you just sort of don't blog - you think of things to blog about and then think, "ah, forget it..."??
Well, I have been going through a bit of bloggy blues... thinking about blogging this; planning to blog about that ...and actually blogging nowt!

So, just to reactivate my blogginess, here's a joke made up by an old school-mate of mine, a lad who has to be given credit for successfully going through the whole of his formative years in Liverpool carrying the burden of being called Alex DeGier - I mean it's a great name but imagine in Liverpool ...

"wass yer name mate? DeGier...hey dat's de gear dat mate..." and so on and so on...

Anyway, his joke. When I was an SPTTCA (student part-time temporary clerical assistant) in a Bootle tax office in the far-off 70s, I tried to liven up a grey civil servant afternoon by telling them this joke ... they laughed for weeks about it:

A bloke goes into a pub and he sees Vincent van Gogh sitting over in the corner.

"Hey, Vincent," he shouts, "fancy a pint?"

"No thanks," says Vincent van Gogh, "I've got one ear!"

As my dad would have said, it tickles me that one!


Anonymous said...

Oh d-ear

Neutron said...'re not trying to earitate me, are you?