Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Williamo!

My youngest is now officially a teenager... 13!!

(Does this mean I no longer have any children??)

Anyway, William so far has received all sorts of wonderful pressies, has had cake, gone off with his mates to one of Munich's very pleasant open-air pools, will be back later for more cake and an evening of varied entertainment.

It made me wonder what I did on my 13th and what I got... so, I searched around or my 1968 diary (yep, I kept a diary then... did it for years actually).

(original orthography)
Wednesday, October 16th 1968
This morning I got an Ordinance Survey Map of Roman Britain off Auntie. In Rugby this afternoon we lost 11-8.

Phew... steady on - an overdose of excitement there. Further reading revealed that the Ordinance Survey Map of Roman Britain was not the only pressy:

Friday, October 18th 1968
This morning at the Baths we did gliding in. Tonight my Electric organ came. It is great! At the moment I can play "Abide with me" and "Hark the Herald angel sings!"

This was not a real electric organ by the way - the kind you can programme to play an orchestra-worth of music - this had bellows inside it run by an electric motor (hence electric organ) and it was so loud you could hardly hear the notes.

Meanwhile back in Liverpool in 1968 the excitement had still not abated:

Tuesday, October 22nd 1968
In Gym this morning we ran the mile. I equalled my personal best with 7 mins 9 secs. I am still recovering from it. Tonight the legs for my organ came but fixing them on had to be postponed.

(Sorry, I have no idea why, there the record ends!)

So here we have proof that the kids of today don't have all the fun!

Happy Birthday William!!


Anji said...

Belated happy birthday to William.

I see that I'm only 3 weeks older than you - I thought you were a lot younger than that!

Neutron said...

Aha! Careful choice of photos is how I stay so young looking. You never read this then:

Anji said...

No I didn't see that one - we hadn't met yet. I think I'll adopt your way of counting - it's a good job computers come complete with a calculator...

Neutron said...

It should be easy for you living in France!