Saturday, August 02, 2008

Whatever Happened to June, It Just Happened to July as Well

Gor blimey... it's August!

Maybe July and August go so quickly because they are interloper months, gate crashing into the calendar.

Have you never wondered why Septem-ber (septem = seven in Latin) is the ninth month, Octo-ber (octo = eight in Latin) is the tenth month, Novem-ber (novem = nine in Latin) is the eleventh month and Decem-ber (decem = ten in Latin) is the twelth month?

Well, it's the bleedin' Romans innit? Just because Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar were deified after their deaths they also had to be given months too - as if being elevated to god-status was not enough. So they bunged July and August into the calendar between June and September. So, now, my theory is that the summer is getting its revenge by making these months shorter than they should be.

Well, it could be!!

Anyway, for something completely different, here's a really creepy video which shows us what has been going on in the world of robotics while we weren't looking (you might want to turn down the sound a bit before you watch!)


Jay said...

Wow, that vid is impressive! Well, Big Dog is, anyway!

Yes, I noticed that July got away from you as well. I check every couple of days to see if you've posted anything, you know. So sad to be disappointed like this ... *sniff*

Anji said...

I watched it with the sound off. For a moment I thought it was a trick. The legs remind me of spider's legs. I thought that July was a little slower than June - but it still went too fast.

Neutron said...

Hi there!
Sorry for disappointing you Jay... the spirit is willing but it's the flesh, you see...

Anji, it's the legs of a spider and what look like eyes of a fly that freak me out..

MacDuff said...

..and it sounds like a bluebottle

Neutron said...

Hi McDuff...aye, like those fat ones in the summer which slam into windows...bleeeuuugh