Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Back

Now that my computer remembers for me I don't have the problem with clocks going back or forward any more - well, I don't have a problem remembering but I do have a problem adjusting. It's amazing how for a couple of weeks after one of these 'equinoctial' clock changes everything seems to be earlier or later that it "should be".

Maybe I rely on my inner clock more than most as I don't wear a watch or carry a timepiece and so I notice it more...

What??! You don't wear a watch?

No, haven't for years.

That is partly due to the fact that in deepest Bavaria the clocks on bus shelters, buildings, stations, etc. all actually work so I found I didn't need one and I hate wrist bands and chains and necklaces and rings and all that stuff so I did away with my misted-up Sekonda when it finally ticked its last and relied on my instinct (ok, plus all the aforementioned clocks too).

Anyway, spring forward, fall back was my method of remembering what happens when the clocks change. In spring you lose an hour whereas in autumn you gain an extra hour in bed, which would be great if I could actually sleep!

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Anji said...

I haven't replaced my last watch yet, I think that the only difference is I don't know the time when someone asks. Time still seems to go just as quickly.

As to that extra hour in bed, if I have a lie-in my back gets very stiff and painful. Not much fun being old, is it?