Friday, October 03, 2008

One is on Tour

So, I have now made it back to Deepest Bavaria after my brief trip to Liverpool. Actually, come to think of it, it's not deepest Bavaria at all as I am on tour this weekend with the Irish band I play in. One loses track sometimes when one is on tour, doesn't one?

We are playing two nights in Koblenz, up where the Mosel meets the Rhine.

We played last night and then went off to the 'Hotel Continental' to spend a superstar night. This hotel was quite amazing... located in a kind of time loop back in the 1950s-German-Democratic-Republic style. All the elements of the decor combined to say "cold war shabbiness".

One of the numbers missing from the door; mattresses with springs; sad, greying net curtains; a ceiling which looked more like a floor; a painting over the bed with a landscape from Venus; a breakfast room which invited you to commit immediate suicide...

But they were very friendly...

I walked along the Mosel before and came to the Deutsches Eck. Now I know that I was there at exactly the same point in 1978... I could even see the camping site where I stayed but I couldn't remember this:

I was expecting to see things I didn't remember but this was a little surprising.

Maybe they built it in the meantime...

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Anji said...

Now I understand why they used to smash up hotel rooms. No towels worth stealing I suppose.

How could you forget a statue that size. Who is it?