Friday, July 17, 2009

40 Years Ago...

..I was watching every news programme, science update, etc, I could about the Apollo 11 mission which was well under way at this point.

Take-off was yesterday 40 years ago...and the landing would be this Monday, 20th...although we were sat watching it at 3.00a.m. on the 21st in Liverpool.

NASA has released pictures today from the LRO of 5 of the 6 landing sites here. It won't convince any of the misguided Apollo hoax doughnuts - but what would?
(By the way, Apollo hoaxers, you do realise there were 6 landings don't you? Did NASA fake them all? Did they fake the other 3 lunar circumnavigations, Apollo 8, Apollo 10 and Apollo 13? What about the other Apollo missions...7 and 9? Faked? And the fire..etc etc? Ho hum.)

There is also a great website where you can follow the mission in "real" time - sort of forty-years-ago-real-time:

We Choose the Moon

I would have loved that when I was a kid!

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Anji said...

I remember watching one landing at school, it couldn't have been the first one. I was terrified we'd watch something going wrong live