Thursday, March 31, 2005

CNN...Non-Stop Blather

Come to think of it I have watched quite a few "situations" develop on CNN and it always amazes me how they wheel out these experts from some deep-freeze storage room to gabble on whatever subject it might be. Right now it's the Pope...he has received the last rites...but at the moment the reporters are being meticulously careful to STRESS that the Pope might not be dying. So far they have waffled their way through one hour of programming time and have repeated themselves shamelessly about a thousand times! The correspondent in Rome, Leonardo da surely not, had a few difficulties with "urinary tract" and "running a high fever" but he is struggling on personfully ...oh, now according to Leo he has a "urinary infection to his tract".
I think the first crisis was Desert Storm back in...when was it???!! 1991?? Since then we have had Yugoslavia, Lady Di, 9.11 in New York, Iraq...oh and loads more which I will recall presently...
the main problem I have with all this is the very clear impression you get that the reporters are saying, "thank goodness for this gets me a great TV profile and great ratings..." and advertisers falling over themselves to slip in their slots. (That can go wrong though...when I was working in advertising back in London we had a late night panic because a cheery ad for British Gas had been erroneously scheduled in the midst of a documentary about concentration camp gas chambers....whoops!)
"However, now we go over to our new correspondent in Rome, Delia...."
"Well, Wolf..."

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