Thursday, March 24, 2005


...replete I am, replete with excellent Rancheros, burping up fresh coriander and snifting a late cognac -tell a lie it's an armagnac...Very Special Old Piss...actually, hang on, the glass is empty - Mustafa Nuvver...oh no - that's the Turkish restaurant - aaahhh.....slurp.

The owner of the restaurant came over for a chat - as they do on Wednesday nights when there's no-one else there - nice bloke...and he explained how they make everything themselves with fresh ingredients - even their own tachos. "Nothing out of a jar..."

We nodded in polite agreement....and yet I realised then that what I had missed -pleb that I am - was something out of a jar....something out of a jar that you could find in a supermarket... something very plebby that you could find in a bleedin' jar on the shelves of a bleedin' plebby super-bleedin'-market....mexican chile tomato is sometimes extremely embarrassing being me...

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