Friday, March 25, 2005

Lottery Winner - C'est Moi!!

I have won the lottery...the Southern German Lottery!!
Riches beyond my wildest dreams!!
I was informed of this yesterday and subsequently in the course of a very discrete ceremony was presented with a cheque for TWENTY EUROS!!!
I have asked the Southern German Lottery to keep my name out of the newspapers and I would ask you also not to pass on this information...I don't want a string of begging letters coming into my postbox.
Will this win change my life? Maybe...I have already started to make plans for the future...I might fill up my bus with diesel for example or buy a crate of beer and live on the deposits...or perhaps a rail trip to, say, Rosenheim.
I will certainly give some of my winnings to my children...let's say two euros each for now...I don't want them to lose their sense of the value of money.
However, probably the best plan would be to build a many packs of Lego can you get for twenty euros??

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