Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Long And Winding Motorway

Here we go an hour I will be setting off on my 1000 mile /1600 km trip back to Munich. Somewhere in a Rastplatz in Germany, sometime early tomorrow morning I will have forty winks and then carry on rolling, rolling, rolling. I reckon on getting home early Sunday afternoon.
Before I set off, I have the same thoughts every time, "I have to drive every single one of those miles, kilometres, yards, metres..." - ugh!
It is also very difficult to leave the house, this forlorn little house, all alone. It was a weird week; all the time I was thinking things like, "I'll just go shopping and then go and visit my mum in the home", or "ah, I could take her in a custard cream...or a pie..." and then I would remember that she isn't there.
Yesterday, wandering round Sainsbury's doing some shopping for Xmas stuff, like mince pies and Xmas pud I had to hold back the tears...the first Xmas I will ever have known without her.
Weird; I suppose you just have to go through these experiences...ho hum...

See you in Munich!

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