Monday, November 14, 2005

Return of the Neutron

I tell you what...if you want to travel on motorways in England then do it when the English football team has an international game on TV.
I have not known the M6 so quiet since the 1970s. It was wonderful! The M1 was relaxing!! The M25 was almost pleasant. Almost.

I made it from Liverpool to Dover in 4 and a half hours...without thrashing my bus (he wouldn't let me thrash him anyway - he's a stately 18 years old).

There was a hold up coming out of Calais, round about 21.00 after the ferry had docked and spewed out its cargo of cars and trucks and one camping looked like an accident somewhere up ahead; a few emergency vehicles squeezed past lights flashing - the traffic was at a complete standstill and people were wandering over the carriageway to try and see what was happening. That lasted about an hour by which time it was getting a bit cold and even I couldn't convince myself any more that listening to some Frog DJ on the radio was fun.
Finally we got on our way again passing nothing that looked capable of blocking the motorway so totally.

I drove on till I reached Aachen and then found a lay-by for a sleep. The bed in my bus is just simply the best...I slept deeply a deep-sleeping thing...and woke up in the middle of a dream about being involved in a crash. Great!

Then trundle trundle crosswise through Germany until I reached Munich at about half three in the afternoon.

Not bad...and by the way...England won against Argentina...just watch us win the World Cup in Germany next year...and you saw it here first!

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doris said...

4 and half hours ... I trust you were doing the speed limit? ;-)