Monday, November 21, 2005

Lost Monday

Monday night is "LOST" night in Munich...well for everyone else that is. I got totally fed up with it after a few episodes when I found out that they were making it up as they went along. The swines!! That sort of thing takes away the mystery for me because you can't second guess them about what the story is all about if not even the writers know what the end is.

One thing they can do though is trailers. The trailer for the following week inevitably makes you think..."hmm, that looks interesting...lots of strange things going on there...wey-hey" but when you come to see the episode it bears no relation to the trailer whatsoever and you realise it had just been cunningly cut to get you to watch the bloody thing.

And so you watch it and you see that nothing actually happens...things only nearly happen...someone almost sees something...and someone else very nearly contacts someone...a couple of castaways are cutting their way through a forest when they come very very close to finding the meaning of a half-buried something-or-other...

And then there are the bloody flashbacks...flashety flash...oh, it's Jack in Australia with his alcoholic father...flashety flash...ah, it's what's-her-name getting arrested for something...

I find myself shouting, "oh, who CARES??" at the TV.

So, on this snowy Monday when there is a "feature film-length" LOST on which lasts all night, I have retreated to my cubby-hole with my laptop to moan about the very programme I am avoiding.

At least it's not another LOST Monday.

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doris said...

Lost reminds me of that other bit of TV crud: 60 minutes or is it 24 hours! More like a blinking eternity!