Monday, April 17, 2006

PC at Easter (Plenty of Chocolate)

It looks as though the extreme PCers didn’t get hold of Easter. As far as I know no-one was warning us off wishing people a Happy Easter for fear that it might upset someone…say, the Westers or the Northers.

As it was people were able to celebrate a traditional Christian Easter with Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs and new toys for the kids; coloured eggs, pussy willow branches and hot-cross buns.

Hang on a minute…I don’t remember all that stuff in the bible..!!?? Just like I don’t remember the bit about putting up a pine tree in your living room at Christmas.

When you think about it it’s the Christians who should be offended by how they themselves celebrate Christmas and Easter!

But come on let’s face it…it’s pagan; Easter is the pagan fertility celebration of the Vernal Equinox, the rising of the sap, the spring rebirth of the world after the long dark winter. If you are going to have a resurrection story then where better to put it in the year than the very place where life itself seems to be returning to the earth.

Mind you, it is only in the northern hemisphere that we have a feeling of rebirth in the spring months of March and April…does anyone know if the aboriginal peoples of the southern hemisphere celebrate rebirths and all that in their spring months of September and October?

That could be a market gap for the chocolate Easter egg manufacturers. You could call it the Autumn Eggquinox...

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