Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy 20th, Bid

At 13:06 this afternoon Biddy will be 20!

She feels ok about reaching this landmark although everyone around her is trying not to mention it in case it gets her down! Everyone, that is, except her brother who said, "...just imagine, it's half way to forty!"

I was living in
Greece when I celebrated my 20th. We went out for a meal and when we got back there was a tremendous thunderstorm. I remember standing on the balcony of my room and watching the lightning crackle over the mountains opposite and thinking, "20! At last" and feeling really grown up.

Well, Bid, you have all the best bits before you and knowing you, you will make the most of it!

Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!
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Anji said...

Happy Birthday to Biddy. How do you feel about having a 20 year old daughter?

Neutron said...

Hi Anji, this is the SECOND daughter who has reached 20+!!!

Anji said...

You seem to have a lot of children, how many have you got?

Ζίτσα said...

hello my friend !!
how are you ?
i am fine .
happy birthday to your daughter .

when you will come again in greece - i will wait you ..


Neutron said...

Anji, erm...last time I looked there were four of them...all lovely!

Hi Kosta!! Nice to see you again. To taxidid mou stin Ellada th GINEI! Alla, dustuchos, then xero pote!!

Ζίτσα said...

this no problem i think

i am steel here and i will wait you


spooky said...

congratulations, you must have done something right!

Neutron said...

Hi Kosta...I will do my best!

Spooky, arright, yep, I did 4 things right, or one thing four times...