Friday, March 02, 2007

Random Coincidence...

Life is full of them ... some stranger than others.

Yesterday I woke up with a vague memory of dreaming gruesome dreams and with the phrase going round in my head like a mantra on an old broken record;

"Life is just this: you go to sleep, you wake up; you go to sleep you, wake up; you go to sleep, you wake up ... and then one day you just go to sleep. Life is just this: you go to sleep, you wake up ..." etc, etc.

On this same yesterday we had to take my younger son's first pet, Sniffy the rabbit, to the vet to be put to sleep. She had been ailing for some time but yesterday T-M found an enormous abscess in her mouth and the vet said there was nothing more to be done.

My younger son had already gone off to his school for a dress rehearsal of his first school play, Puss in Boots. So he knew that Sniffy was ill but not how seriously.

In Puss in Boots he plays the part of a royal servant in the court of the king. In one scene Puss in Boots brings a dead rabbit to the king ... the king passes this rabbit to the royal servant to be taken away and disposed of.

After the play, which was amazingly well performed, we came home and I had to tell him the news. He was heartbroken, really distraught ... he said he'd been thinking of Sniffy all through the scene above.

The play is being performed again tonight.

If these kind of coincidences are not random and these events in out world are governed by some sort of spirit, then it must be a real malevolent swine.


Anji said...

I hope it goes okay for him. Dom was in a school play the day my Dad died, we didn't tell her until we collected her afterwards. She was so upset, more so than the boys. She dreamt he came and told her not to be so upset which helped her a lot. Funny how these things all happen together, isn't it?

Neutron said...

Like I said, Anji, either random coincidence or malevolent spirits!