Monday, February 26, 2007

This Is the Main Reason I was in England

The ceiling had fallen down in my mum's house. When the neighbours went in to see there was water pouring down ... so I assumed a leak in the bathroom which is over the hall.

I had a plumber in on Monday...and he searched leak.

It ended up like CSI Miami, with us trying to work out logical deductions about what might have happened based on the evidence. At the moment the favourite theory is that perhaps water had built up over the ceiling for a longer period - maybe even years - and that finally the plaster had given in to the pressure.
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Anji said...

Our ventilation system drips as the roof space is cold and condensation forms.
Hope you are a good plasterer

Neutron said...

So maybe your ventilation system is causing my leak!

BTW, I am better at getting plastered than at plastering!

Anji said...

There's enough water up there for two of us!

MacDuff said...

If its not too late to mention you dont want to put forward that theory to the insurance company it might give them a reason to deny.

Rodney Orton said...

Now that... (pause, wear sunglasses) a leaky problem. (Yeah!)

I guess a leak in the ceiling from the bathroom is just as worse as a leak from the roof's ceiling. You really gotta get it fixed. So did you call the pros or you did the fixing yourself?