Friday, February 09, 2007

My New Career: Currency Speculator

Regular readers (both of you) will recall that I intended to fly to England in January but was thwarted by Kyrill, the Bavarian hurricane.

Well, that left me with EasyJet tickets and a Holiday Autos rented car I couldn't use.

Amazingly both companies agreed without even a flicker of eyelid-batting to refund what I had paid.

But, even more amazingly, I made money on the deal!

I paid Holiday Autos GBP112 which at an exchange rate of o.6575 was converted into €170.34

They paid me back GBP 112 which at an exchange rate of 0.6535 was converted into €171.38.

A profit of €1.04!

Now I only have to that about another 999,998 times and That Elusive First Million is mine!!!

1 comment:

Anji said...

Easy jet are going to see a mini boom in ticket sales now.
I know my hubby Rob would say why not sell the house?
Talking of making money. How much do I owe you?