Tuesday, February 06, 2007

If You Want to Get Ahead, Get a Hat

... and as we used to say in Liverpool, "if you wanna gerra hat, gerra head!"

I inherited various things from my mother - genetically speaking - and amongst them was the ability to look totally stupid in almost any kind of hat.

At parties she could drive the guest to hysterics just by putting on my dad's trilby or my granddad's flat cap.

Same with me... if I put on, say, a ski hat - which would be a good idea now that the snow flakes are beginning to fall outside - then I look like the village idiot. And so for years I had to put up with a cold head in the winter.

But, thanks to T-Maria, I now have a hat which makes me look not quite idiotic enough for my vanity to stop me wearing it. She dragged me into a very stylish shop in the centre of Munich which I would normally avoid even looking at... just the models in the shop window gaze at you with contempt!

Anyway, in we went - she apparently had had enough of my moaning about having a cold head - and we found a hat... I tried it on - hate trying on things in shops!!! - and it was ... ok ... so ... she bought it for me as a late Xmas present.

So, for the first time since I HAD to wear this...

School cap - around 1970

... I now have something to keep the blood from freezing in my brain... and here it is!


spooky said...

YOu need a woolly har on your bonce tonight in Liverpool mate. Those Americans should turn Liverpool Soccer Club into a ski resort

Anji said...

But we can't see the overall 'look'...

Neutron said...

Hi Spooky, funny how -4° in the 'Pool is MUCH colder than -20° in deepest Bavaria!

Hi Anji...I don't want to scare people away!