Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wolfgang Amadeus to John Winston

There was:

No hurricane, no blizzard, no earthquake or flood;

No lightning, no fog and no rain;

No terrorist attack or attempted hi-jack,

No strikes, no lost bags, no crashed plane.

Just a “little turbulence” over the Alps and a “stiff breeze” blowing up the Mersey. (Sorry, couldn’t get that bit to rhyme.)

With that, I completed my flight from the snow-dusted Alpine peaks around Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Airport in Salzburg to John Winston Lennon Airport on the wind-gusted Mersey estuary.

To be more precise it was Munich - Schwabing to Aintree, Liverpool – including almost a tour de force of the various public transport systems: train from Munich to Salzburg, bus from Salzburg Hauptbahnhof to the airport, plane to Liverpool Airport, bus to the centre of Liverpool and (ok, quick pint of life-saving Cains at this point) local train to Aintree.

All that, plus humping cumbersome suitcase and increasingly heavy-seeming laptop up and down stupid stairways and along twisting labyrinthine passageways and walkways; so it is no wonder I was knackered when I finally got to the house.

It didn’t stop me going down to the chippie later, though, for a pie dinner with chips and gravy.

So, I am here to do a bit of repair work on the house which, with my DIY disabilities, should be … fun.

But at least this time I made it here …


Anji said...

Ooooh, chips from the chip shop!

Neutron said...

Yep, chippie chips, freshly fried, dripping with fat....mmmmmmmmm