Monday, February 05, 2007

eBay Millionaire...

...I am not! But I am a few euros closer with my first sale!

I got a congratulatory mail from ebay for successfully selling the CD! It's a bit like getting a birthday card from your bank.

Anyhow, I must admit it really is DEAD easy to sell stuff on ebay (provided someone buys what you are offering of course) so I think I will get my kids to start manufacturing things... sports shoes isn't it?


Anji said...

I'm running around at the moment trying to set myself up as a legitimate business, selling on ebay. A very complicated process in France. Yes, it's much easier to sell things on ebay.

Neutron said...

Wow! And what are you going to sell? CDs???

Anji said...

Talking of CDs, my 'purchase' arrived this morning and I haven't even paid for it yet!!

Lesson number one: the customer is supposed to pay.

I'm listening at the moment, I'm really enjoying the lyrics, which I shall go over and over so I can sing along. It was a lovely suprise on a 'not much going on Thursday'. Thank you.

I'll be selling vintage French postcards.

Neutron said...

It was the easiets way to find out how much the postage was!
Glad you're enjoying it...recommendations to friends gratefully thingybobbed... I still have a few left!