Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tempus Fugit

... that'll have you rummaging in cobwebbed corners of your memories through creased and faded Latin vocabulary lists.

Anyway, as time is flying, it is time to fly ... time to fly over to Liverpool again and see if there is any sign of a leak in the ceiling.

So, tomorrow it will be Wolfgang Amadeus to John Winston again ... and maybe tempus will fugit a little more slowly and i will be able to do some serious blogging again...!


Anji said...

Can't see your link without access to your account!!

Enjoy your trip, hope the leak has dried out. The only other latin quote I know is 'Sic transit gloria mundi' and after, ahem, 35years, it's probably wrong and the spelling is all to pot too.

Neutron said...

Hi Anji, fixed the link now thanks! I just wish it were as easy to fix the leak!
At school we used to translated your quote as: "last Monday Gloria threw up in the van". Maybe that's what got me interested in translating...

Anji said...

I hadn't thought of it like that! I'll have to get the quotes dictionary out and see what untapped treasures lie within.