Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Things I Don't Understand", no. 758

In a few weeks we will be mixing a load of pagan rituals with some other vague details from Christianity, dragging fir trees from the frozen North into our living rooms and decorating them with glass balls, a tradition originally from Germany, hanging up mistletoe due to a vague memory of a Norse myth about Frigga and Balder, and so on and so forth, all to celebrate the birth of a baby in the sultry Middle East, and I have to confess to yet another thing I don't understand...

Last week there was some governor in a southern US state gathering a bunch of his supporters and going to the city hall to pray for rain because they were going through a drought and then this week a teacher from Liverpool, now living in Sudan, was arrested and threatened with a lashing and a jail sentence because the 6 and 7 year old kids in her primary school class had given a teddy bear the name Mohammed.

Doesn't anyone see the utter lunacy in all this?

I gave up all this religious codswallop when I was a teenager and nothing I have seen or heard of since has made me regret my own personal epiphaneia (in the Ancient Greek sense) for a moment...

p.s. this has NOTHING to do with me being a grumpy old git because of England failing to qualify!!

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