Friday, December 07, 2007

Not Many People Know This...

..but tomorrow is Augustiner Day.

Not many people know it because I only made it up on Thursday. I am just coming to the end of about 6 weeks of intensive teaching, translating and gigging and I am having tomorrow, Saturday, OFF. I intend to have a couple of Augustiners in the afternoon...and then watch Liverpool down in Reading on the tele ...with a bottle on one side and crisps on the other.
As I was telling my course about it on Thursday, I had the idea of calling it 'Augustiner Day' - the first Saturday after Nikolaus on Dec 6th. The group seemed to take it to heart as a good idea and my kids also favour the introduction of a day on which one has to drink Augustiner.

I am going to do my best to promote it and maybe petition for it to become a regular holiday. After all, Hallowe'en was unknown in Germany till about 5 years ago and now there are parties all over the place every year.

So far Augustiner Day is traditionally:

1) The first Saturday after Nikolaus
2) A day when Augustiner has to be drunk
3) Crisps are an option
4) 'Compulsory' is spelled with an 'A', i.e. 'compulsAry'

More traditions to follow...


"Thirsty Augustiner Day!"

(to which the answer is:

"Thirsty indeed!")

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