Friday, December 21, 2007

Bon Giorno!

So we have a new manager of the England 'football' team. And guess what - 'e dona speeka dee langwich!

But Mr Capello has declared, quite seriously, that he eeza gonna learna dee eengleesh in a MONTH!!

As they say in Germany: ja, Mahlzeit! (More or less the same as: oh, you THINK so...?!)

Well, Fabio would be fab, it would be fabioso, in fact it would be a bloody miracle!
I hope this is not a measure of how seriously we should take his promises, as it came in the same breath as predicting an Italy v England final in South Africa!!

On the other hand it could mean that he intends to learn just enough English to be able to communicate with our benighted 'footballers'.

In which case, ten minutes should do the trick!

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