Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bloody Flash

On Sunday at 9.30 my older son's TV series started on Kabel 1 in deepest Bavaria. I set the alarm as I got in late from a gig on Saturday. Up, blearily, at 9.20, I grabbed the camera to record this moment. We knew he doesn't actually feature in the first episode but he is in the opening titles.

I tried a couple of test photos to make sure it looked ok...and I think, I think I may have reset the flash setting... the titles rolled, unknown faces flashed past, and then...there he was in action...I pressed the shutter and the STUPID BLOODY CAMERA started that never ending flash process which one particular setting makes it go through to stop people having red eyes or some such codswallop ...zzzzick...bzzzz...agada...agada...aha...aha...Ferrrr-LASH!

In the milliseconds that took the titles had moved on to some more unknown faces...

So what you see here are the titles 2 milliseconds too late...
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