Saturday, January 26, 2008

Century Up!

Well, it would have been my dad's centenary today - he was born on 26th January 1908. It's almost scary to think what has changed in that short space of time from then to now.

They had:

no phones
no cars
no planes
no radio
no tele
no supermarkets
no penicillin
no computers
no Internet...

Mind you, when you look at the photo, which was taken in 1987 about 6 months before he died, and you see how much he loved his grandchildren (in this picture, Biddy) then you realise maybe all that stuff is not as important as we think.
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Anji said...

A lovely picture. I can see him in you. My grandparents would be close to their centenaries now if they'd have still been alive.

ahem: telephones would have been around for 30 years when he was born,first car 1335 (wind power),but generally 1870s, planes 1899/1900

Neutron said...

Hi Anji - erm, I was thinking more of what "they" (i.e. my dad and family) had back then.

Anji said...

Excuse me, yes you are right of course; my parents didn't have a telephone until 1982!

MacDuff said...

We would certainly be better off without all of them except maybe for one little Sinclair Spectrum.
A very nice picture too.

Doris said...

That is a wonderful photo :-)