Monday, April 14, 2008

If You Want to Scream and Shout, Press 6

After a hard day phoning British Gas, TV Licensing, Electoral Registry, HM Pensions etc etc and getting increasingly close to apoplexy when being told for the 50th time how important my call is and how I will be connected as soon as one of the incredibly busy operators is free, I am going to go here for a walk.

Presumably these companies installed the unbelievably irritating recorded menu systems to save time... so why does it take something like forever to get through?

Anyway, The Beach!

Formby Point to be more exact.

Some photographer or other said, "you can't have too many pictures of the beach," and he probably never spoke a truer word.

And as an added extra the salty air by the sea makes you... thirsty - and so it is not unknown for one to follow a brisk walk along the dunes with a refreshing pint or two...ahhh...
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Anji said...

Taking advantage of your location I see.