Sunday, February 28, 2010

Value for Money

I think I may have mentioned a few times in the course of this blog that I am proud of my children... inordinately proud... perhaps even unhealthily proud...

Be that as it may, I am rather proud of Nick, Bid, Jimmy and William.

Anyway, this evening it was Biddy's turn. She had a vernissage at Movimento a private culture centre in the heart of Munich, within the context of a classical concert put on by some old friends of the family. Her artwork provided the visual backdrop for the evening.

Unfortunately, being in total "d'oh" daddy mode, I completely forgot to get out the camera I had deliberately taken along and consequently have no photos of her work to show. But it was dead good!

On drunken evening last year, while I was out and about with the Irish folk band I play in, Paul (who also has 4 kids) and I worked out how much it costs to have, and bring up a child. It turned out to be some horrendously large amount... BUT - and here I hope that all parents agree with me - it's worth every bleeding penny.

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