Friday, May 27, 2005

Big Silver Cup

That's me...bottom left... Posted by Hello

So Liverpool won the European Champions' League in Istanbul on Wednesday and then the team brought the cup back to Liverpool on Thursday. One bloody million people turned out along the parade route to greet them...and I was one of them. It's a bit hard to see me in the picture because I am behind that bus - which also happens to contain the team and the cup...but I assure you I was has been great to relive my youth.
The people of Liverpool, the press and TV stations in England and myself...we all got delirious about this game, its tension, the terrible first half, the successful comeback...and then penalties...and unbelievably... victory!!!!
700,000 pints of beer were sold and maybe even drunk on the Wednesday night in the various pubs in the city. I don't know how they measure these things but I must have brought down the average...I couldn't get into a pub!
All that for a big silver cup? Yeah!!

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Nicky said...

Come on you Reds!!!!! Juhuuuuuuuu