Saturday, May 07, 2005

Procrastination...Don't know what it means...I'll look it up tomorrow..

With reference to my previous blog...I did not really get down to business with this new thingy...the Roland U8. In fact I quite sensibly sent a mail to Roland asking if the system could be used with Windows 2000.
They wrote back...!
And I have to say the speed of the reply was impressive...not really sure though about the content - here it is:

Unfortunately, while the U-8 audio drivers have been unpdated for WIN XP, there is no controller update for WIN XP. We are not aware of any plans to create a controller update for WIN XP. I can only recommelùäÿÿÿÿ, ùäØGÒÌùä‚ ”)`„úäðùälùä0 ðùäÓf(`„úäðùälùä, üä”nd that you either dedicate a WIN 98 computer to your U-8, or purchase a UR-80 as a replacement.

Looks like the poor guy had some kind of seizure while he was writing but recovered again towards the end...or maybe "...lùäÿÿÿÿ, ùäØGÒÌùä‚ ”)`„úäðùälùä0 ðùäÓf(`„úäðùälùä, „üä” is a wild Ancient Eskimo profanity which he has slipped in.

What I do find a little confusing is his statement that although, "U-8 drivers have been upndatet..." (I think that means you get up in the morning and you're dated already - up'n'dated) "...there is no controller update for WIN XP..." - and there are no plans - " create a controller update for WIN XP..."

Well, I suppose it would have been a pretty good answer if I had actually asked about WIN XP - but unfortunately I had asked about Windows 2000 as that is the operating system I have...

What a pedant I am! And I managed to procrastinate a whole day away...

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