Thursday, May 05, 2005

Stalling Installing

I think I love eBay. The trouble is it sucks you into its exciting bidding universe until you can't think straight any more. You get a similar feeling in a casino.
I have been meaning for yonks to do digital recordings of my songs which at the moment lie in various places on various cassettes strewn at random around my room - or hiding in dusty boxes camouflaged alongside other innocent cassettes. So I looked in eBay for home digital recording thingies...and saw a Roland U-8..."perfect for beginners," said a review - just the job I thought, that's the very fellow for me!
So I dithered about making a bid...and dithered a bit more...and then I bid...and then I forgot about it. Next thing you know eBay sent me a mail that I had been successful!! Yoohoo!! I was the ONLY bidder...YOOHOOooo...hang on - ONLY bidder?
I looked at the thingy again...seemed ok. "It's fate," I said to myself. So I paid and it came and I started installing it and saw on the CD-ROM that it is compatible with Windows98...
- l o n g p a u s e -
I have Windows 2000.
So far I have made a couple of inconclusive attempts to see if the thingy and my operating system are going to cooperate but I have avoided a full scale onslaught...I was just kind of sneaking up on the thingy and my PC hoping it would; but I fear...and somehow deep down I KNOW...that they will not and I am going to have all kinds of pissing about with patches and replacing files and fiddling with things I understand even less the most of the things I don't understand about computers.

Well, I have decided to start can see what kind of decision this was, by the way, if you consider that the first step in trying to get thingy to work was to write a blog about it!
So as Scott said to Shackleton or Shackelton said to Scott, "I may be gone for some time..."

On the other hand I might just be back in a minute or two with some other irrelevant, propcrastinatory blog!!

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