Friday, May 12, 2006

HypoBougatsa for Breakfast

Somwhere down below I posted a sunrise over the mountains which surround and enclose Ioannina. Well, that is what I would have woken up to, if I had been sleeping in Buzzy down by the lake. I would probably also have been eaten alive by mozzies as the lake Pamvotis is a wonderful breeding ground for the little b*****ds. (This, by the way, is just one more advantage of being on a hypothetical mozzy bites!)

When I lived here the last thing we would do at night was known as "Mozzy Patrol" and it consisted of going around the bedroom trying to flush the mozzies out and destroy them before they came and sucked your blood in the night. They always seemed congregate on the ceiling and the best way I found of splatting them was to use an old Greek grammar book.

You stand under the target mozzy with the book in the outstretched palm of your hand, compose yourself for a moment and then launch the book in a horizontal position ceiling-wards as powerfully as possible. The mozzy might register that something is on its way up but if you are lucky that will be the last thing it will register.

It might just have time to try and fly away but the book should squat it anyway.

I often used to wonder what the neighbours above thought when, late at night, they would hear a slam under their floor and then a cry of jubilation if we'd got it, "YEEEE-HE-HESSSSS", or frustration if we'd missed, "ARRGGHHHHHH!!!!"

The ceiling ended up looking like a negative photo of the night sky...lots of black spots in an expanse of white!

Anyway, time to stroll up the main street to the main square and see if my favourite bougatsa shop is still in is!!

MMmmm, hypothetical bougatsa for breakfast (that really is low-calory!)

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