Monday, May 22, 2006

World Cup³

I like football, I really do...but I am getting a bit fed up with the World Cup already... or to be a little more exact with the World Cup merchandising. It clearly doesn't help living in Germany where, being the host nation, World Cup fever is naturally more widespread than elsewhere but everywhere you look, from advertising hoardings to TV screens, gormless footballers stare back at you with their forced empty smiles. And it's the same in the supermarkets; World Cup chocolate bars, World Cup beer, World Cup sausages and even World Cup toilet paper - presumably in that case you buy the teams which you DON'T like.

And World Cup sticker albums !!!

You buy an album and then packs of stickers with footballers, flags, stadiums (stadia), etc on them and stick them in or swap them until you fill your album.

It's nice for kids...but it got a bit out of hand when our lead guitarist and his girlfriend dumped a huge pile of stickers on the table by the stage where we played on Saturday and kept running off in the sound check and later in the breaks to stick unknown Chinese or Korean players into their albums (alba)...!


Haddock said...

The World Cup merchandising in Germany is out of control! Its hard to buy someting in the shops taht isn't linked somehow to the WM :)

Manjusha said...

Whatever merchandised stuff you don't like, send it to me!! :) I'm totally cool with it. LOL!

Neutron said...

Hi Haddock!
Mad isn't it...I will be glad when it's over and we have won it!

Hi manjusha,
Nice to hear from you again! How about some World Cup footballer's socks??