Thursday, May 11, 2006 this the Future?

I am amazed to find that there are a couple of positive things about going on a hypothetical holiday (see the last 5 or 6 posts).
Of course the main thing, and the reason after all why I am having a HypoHol in the first place, is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to a normal fact it costs nowt apart from a little time thinking and searching for photos.

But another big advantage which occured to me last night is that you can have a quick break from it...say, to translate or teach or play a gig...without actually losing a day of the holiday! It's like having an extremely low-tech StarTrek transporter; I can beam myself to whatever point I was up to in my HypoTrip and then when the need arises beam myself back to my office (office, ha! I really had to think what to call the catastrophically untidy place where I churn out my translations, blogs, songs and assorted drivel! I took a picture of it last year and sent it to one of my editors - she was really shocked! Let me see if I can find it...hang on it's on the PC...I'll post it later).

Come to think of it a hypothetical holiday is infinitely extendable too - although I think daydreaming on that scale would seriously damage what mental health I have - no, you have to give a HypoHol a limit - so I will keep to what I wanted to achieve in my 2 week itinerary.

So, assuming I got to Ioannina and went down to the lake to spend the night in Buzzy, here is the sunrise...

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