Monday, January 29, 2007

A Bee CD on E-bay

A famous insectologist went into a record shop and called over the assistant

"Yes, sir? How can I help?"

"I am a famous insectologist and I am studying wasp sounds - I believe there is a record of wasp sounds and I would like to buy it - but first I would like to hear it!"

"That's no problem, sir. I will put the record on this turntable and if you go into that booth and put on the headphones inside you can listen to it."

The assistant put the record on the turntable and the famous insectologist went over to the booth. A few minutes later he was back at the counter.

"Young man, that is not the sound of wasps!!"

The assistant looked at the turntable.

"Oh, sorry sir. I will have to turn the record over - that was the B-side!"

The bee side!!!


It wasn't A B C D which I put on was just A C D... my C D in fact.


And this is a status report:

Titanic Bid War Rages on E-bay!!

Well, I say Titanic Bid War, it's more like non-existant bid war...

Hundreds of Anonymous Bidders!!

Well, I say hundreds... it's more like one actually.

(The smart money is on Anji.)

But there is still time for bidding to take off... so, come on!!

1 comment:

Anji said...

Sorry to say this, I hope the bidding stays as it is!